January is the time to collect dormant wood for propagating this years batch of heirloom nursery plants. We graft the dormant scions to their rootstocks in late February and early March, a very time consuming and delicate process. The we plant all the baby trees to grow for next winters nursery season. Amigo, Jenifer and Adam have been having fun collecting scion wood from a number of old farms, homesteads and mining camps here in the Sierra Nevada including Graniteville, Downieville, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Colfax, Chicago Park, Goodyears Bar, Humbug, Bridgeport, Buck’s Ranch, North San Juan, Brownsville, Birchville, Forest, Alleghany and Pike. We have collected many varieties of apples including Winesap, La Reine de Reinette, Petite Api, Striped Gilliflower, Autumn Strawberry, Ben Davis, Yellow Newtown Pippin, White Winter Pearmain, Swaar and dozens more. Also collected many varieties of pears, prunes, plums, almonds, grapes, figs, chestnut, quince, lilac and walnut.