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Towards A Climate Resilient Food Economy:

We have passionately searched the Sierra Nevada and Western States to re-discover the living library of plants still scattered across Northern California, those trees and plants left over from the 1800’s and early 1900’s Gold Rush era.   These are the grandmother trees that have become climate resilient with no human attention for the last 100 years. They give the best fruit and nuts in conditions that most fruit and nut trees can not endure with large annual temperature variations. These  grandmother trees have learned to thrive under the most harsh conditions. We want to make them available to growers, gardeners and communities throughout the West Coast.

We have personally found these trees and have taken cuttings directly from the 100+ year old grandmother trees that still cling to life in ghostly, historic orchards. We offer very rare and exclusive plants – some may have only just been rediscovered.

95% of plants available during the 1800s are no longer available today.  We are saving what is left before they die. 


Thanks to Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply (originally started by our founder Amigo Bob Cantisano), a collection of some of our favorite species and varieties will be available through Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden for the 2024/25 Bareroot Season. 

Stay Tuned…


The SOLD OUT Varieties listed below are for informational purposes only. These are many of the plants we have found and sold over the years. While some of these varieties will be available this Autumn, many will not. 

Updates on what we have for sale this year will be available in October 2024.

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Cherry Myrobalan

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This European native plum is also known as the cherry plum or "wild" plum. All the “wild” plums of the Sierra are apparently daughters of trees introduced by Gillet and planted in the 1800’s. The delicious fruit is favored by many bird and animal species who feast upon them and spread the seeds through their scat. This beautiful tree produces copious amounts of very frost-hardy, pink-white flowers in March and April, followed by 1-2” diameter beautiful deep yellow, delicious sweet fruit in July through August. Fruit is great fresh, juiced, in sauces or as a light wine. The hardy tree is an excellent natural hedge. Sets a medium to very large crop nearly every year in 30+ years of observation. Myrobalan is also widely used as a rootstock for apricots, plums, prunes and most almonds. You can graft a wide mix of these species onto to one or more trees, creating a living fruit salad tree. It is a widely adaptable standard size rootstock, particularly adaptable to heavier soils with excellent anchorage. Shallow but vigorous root system. Tolerates wet soils. Immune to root-knot nematodes, some resistance to oak-root fungus.

The mother tree is a large, multi stemmed very productive, very healthy 100+ year young beauty growing in Humbug, a great old mining town now part of Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park at 3250’ on the San Juan Ridge, Nevada County.

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