Unfortunately, due to weather and a series of other factors we have had a second year of losses that left us with significantly fewer bare root trees to sell.
With Adam and Jenifer both taking on other jobs to make ends meet in their respective lives, we anticipate being able to offer the few trees we have in December ’23/January ’24.
Please stay tuned for updates.

With these losses, we are shifting our focus to care for and maintain the historic varieties in our Mother Orchard as well as offer educational activities rather than bareroot propagation and sales.
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We have passionately searched for and re-discovered the living, historic plants still scattered across Northern California from the Gold Rush era. We have personally found these trees and have taken cuttings directly from the ancient, 125+ year old grandmother trees that are still alive on abandoned homesteads, ranches and mining claims.


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Fortune's Double Yellow Rose

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Introduced to Robert Fortune in 1845 from a Mandarin Garden. This Beautiful and Prolific Climbing Rose creates a dazzling display of sunset colors in the spring. It will climb on anything and can keep going. Great for climbing up trees, fences, arbors, trellis or walls. Can be kept back through pruning. Fairly drought tolerant and blooms once in spring. Full sun to semi shade.

Can be found off Highway 49 in North San Juan on Private Property. North San Juan has many old homestead remnants still standing today. It sits right on the edge of a large Placer Diggins similar to the large Malakoff Diggins right down the road.

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