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Due to two years of severe nursery losses, our board of directors has changed our focus. Rather than bareroot propagation and sales, we are shifting to education and the care and maintenance of our historic Mother Orchard.
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Thanks to Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply (originally started by our founder Amigo Bob Cantisano), a collection of some of our favorite species and varieties will be available through them for the 2024/25 Bareroot Season. 

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Mission Fig

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The World Famous Mission Fig is said to have been first planted in 1768 by Franciscan Missionaries in San Diego, and then all along the California coast. The popular giant deep purple figs have strawberry flavor and brownish flesh. Their sweet jam and figgy flavor is the main fig in 'Fig Newtons' The trees are very productive and drought tolerant once established. You can get two crops in warm climates.

The grandmother tree in Auburn is well over 100 years old. Auburn was one of the first foothill mining camps, and even after the miners moved on to more interesting gold fields, Auburn became a bustling town on the Gold Rush Trail. Its location, close to Sacramento and the corridor to Lake Tahoe made it a popular place to stay. There are many historic fruit and nut orchards in the Auburn and surrounding areas.

Please Note: It is too expensive to ship figs individually, but will ship them when ordered with other bare root trees.

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