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Potted figs, grapes, apple, pear, plum, myrtle communis and more….

We will still have another winter bare root sale in October 2020….

Since we are a small nursery, we usually have a limited supply of fruit trees.  So, we urge you to sign up for our email list for early notification of when our plants will be available.  Call (530) 292-3619 or email us at and request to be added to the email list. 


Thank you Everyone for supporting this project!  While the nursery sales provide approximately 25% of our operating budget, we rely on donors and occasional grants. This year we are grateful to the Bill Graham Foundation for their support of our work. Hats off and gratitude to them.   While this was awesome, we are still far below our budgetary needs. None-the-less, we are dedicated and continue to volunteer our time to keep things going.  All of us together are finding, saving and propagating valuable food and ornamental plants that have survived a century with little to no care from humans.  We take it as a personal commitment to carry on the legacy of our ancestors who spent millennia breeding, saving and transporting the very best fruit, nut and ornamentals from around the world.  In the face of modern industrial agriculture we have lost 95% of our genetic diversity, and with your help all of us are saving the very best gems still growing throughout California’s Gold Rush Country.

 After purchase, you will be contacted and your plants will be available for Pickup in

North San Juan, CA or UPS Delivery 

80 Varieties

15 Species

We are a very small nursery and there are a limited supply of some varieties. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  When we find long term farm land we’ll be able to do more.

We apologize if we run out of something you want — the early bird gets the worm!

ORDERS OVER $400 Automatically receive 10% Off

We charge $10 dollars per order for materials and handling on both shipping and pickup. If you order multiple times we will refund any additional Handling Fees incurred from ordering multiple times per season.

Happy Planting!

If you have questions, please contact us at   

(530) 292-3619 or

We accept orders only via the website

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All of our heirloom figs are propagated from dormant cuttings and grown on their own roots in 4"x4"x12" containers. They are at least 2' tall. Figs thrive and transplant to your site much better when they are grown in containers, rather than bareroot. It is essential to transplant figs when they are dormant. Figs are self-fertile and do not require a cross pollinator variety. The best figs grow in the hottest locations. Give them plenty of sun! Figs do not require regular pruning, only occasionally to shape the tree. Figs have the lowest chilling requirements of all fruits and nuts, allowing them to be grown in very mild winter areas, as well as colder sites. Figs are one of the most drought tolerant of all fruit and nut trees. Irrigation is essential for the first 3-5 years, and then they can be dry farmed, however larger crops will be found on irrigated trees.

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Figs cannot be shipped. Order for pick up in North San Juan only.

Fat Fig 25 USD