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New Plant Inventory available October 2019

Over 1000 plants of 120 Varieties

Please come and visit next October when we publish our 2019-2020 catalog of amazing plant re-introductions!  We only grow about 1000 Plants and We Sell out every year.  Be sure to come back in October and November to get the best selection!  Sign p on our Email List to be the first to know exactly when we first publish.


Thank you Everyone for supporting this project!  All of us together are finding, saving and propagating valuable food and ornamental plants that have survived a century with little to no care from humans.  We are grateful that we can carry on the legacy of our ancestors who have spend millennia working with plants by breeding, saving and transporting the very best Fruit, Nut and Ornamentals from around the world.  In the face of modern industrial agriculture we have lost 95% of our genetic diversity and with your help all of us are saving the very best gems still growing throughout California Gold Rush Country.



Available for Pickup in North San Juan, CA or

UPS Delivery January and February 2020

120 Varieties

15 Species

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We are a very small nursery and there are a very limited supply of some varieties. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  When we find long term farm land we’ll be able to do more.


Please Don’t be disappointed — the early bird gets the worm!

We charge $10 dollars per order for materials and handling on both shipping and pickup. If you order multiple times we will refund any additional Handling Fees incurred from ordering multiple times per season.

Happy Planting!

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